School of Universal Consciousness

Discover your mission in this life

(The School of Universal Consciousness is not yet actualised. It will be a project in the next future) We are incarnated in a time of energetic shifts. A lot of energies now on planet Earth are sensitive beings, who feel they don’t fit in the world reality as how we know it. However not always conscious, these sensitive beings just feel they have the knowledge of something else, more deeper.

This school is created for those who want to remember what they already know but somehow forgot along their life paths. To help you reconnect with your inner truth, instead of society’s patterns which prevents your true colors and gifts to come out. By doing this, together we can create the world in which we wish to live. The vision of this school is not to put one truth over the other, but simply to reconnect with Your Truth. To bring knowledge back to the people about self healing and about the creation of the world reality. Also to bring understanding about energies and to help us deeply connect with our inner guiding heart systems.

In this school, I wish to help you connect with your true purpose, so you can use you’re gifts to help the people, animals, stones nature, and all together: Earth.

“If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Nothing is impossible in the world of illusions, in this time of creation. One is strong when he stands his grounds in his believes. Together we are even stronger. Let’s reconnect with our true self, our true nature and create heaven on Earth.

It all starts within You.


Module 1: “Light worker visions”

Day 1: The collective vision. How do we manifest the world we wish to be created? Healing our self, by letting go off our ego’s “painbodies”, and recreating our self by listening to our hearts.

Day 2: What is holding you back from being yourself? What is holding you back from fulfilling your life vision? Meditation. Exercise: walk through the door to the unknown, blocked by fear. Show the example of walking through doubt into faith. Believe in your self, your true self and what you are doing here on planet Earth.

Module 2: “Your true Essence”

Day 1: What is unconditional Love? What happens when we meet it? How do we send it out and how do we let it in? Hugs and energy connecting meditations.
Deep inner healing group sessions.

Day 2: Painting our emotions. Screaming or singing emotions out. Physical jumping, dancing or hitting for emotional release of old fear, trauma etc.
Meditation for filling up our hearts with Love. What are the 5 dimensions of unconditional Love? Show it, play it, express it!

Module 3: “Frequencies and Energies: Everything is Vibration”

Day 1: What is Vibration? What does it mean when we have high and low Frequencies? How do we  shift them, in ourselves and in our surroundings?
Why do we need to shift them? Why do they appear? Meditation on feeling the shifts.

Day 2: Diseases and physical struggles. How can we resonate with another Frequency? E.g.:We will look into the resonance with the frequencies of the trees, of the birds. But we also will get to understand the frequencies of diseases and how we dissolve them within ourself. Meditation. Demonstration of a case of frequency shift or cell healing.

Module 4: “Your body’s Soul state of being”

Day 1: How is your body designed?  What are your eating patterns? Alignment with food that resonates with your body. What does it mean to be a vegetarian? Are you ready for that, are you even meant to be a vegetarian? Breaking down the believes of the matrix: how to follow what you truly resonate with, instead of what your mind believes it resonates with? How your mind is holding you towards that believe instead of yours souls believe: Relearn the feelings underlying the emotional layers.

Day 2: to be filled in

Module 5: “Angels”

Day 1: What are Angels? What kind of Angels can we call for? What can Angels help us with? What can we do for Them? Uplighting Masters: Who are they?
Why do we link to Angels and need Them in this time?

Day 2: Healing with Angels. Healing yourself and your clients. Feeling the difference between the Angels and how you let Them in. Feeling the difference between Angels and other Identities. Letting go of concepts: What represent Angels within You?

Module 6: “Elementen”

Day 1: How do we talk with elements? How can we become one with the elements? E.g.: How do we talk with the trees? How do we become one with the trees? Feel their feelings, know their vision, and understand their purpose of being. How do we become in oneness with the water? How do we feel their feelings and see their emotional memories? How to make water vitalism itself? How to feel your food, talk to it and become one with it?

Day 2: to be filled in