Retreat Visoko

Healing, self love, and reconnecting to the magic in, and around you..

5 Days to you help you reconnect to yourself and your heart!

This retreat is for you, who feel, “ I have just woken up, who are searching a deeper layer within yourself, maybe looking through your past, or history…
You are feeling like, something needs to open up, or become more clear..
 Are you ready to take the next step, inside of you 🙂 ?
To be ready to live, and shine your you more outwards

"It will be a healing journey, with support from the pyramids and the tunnels. Magical energies will greet you!".

Do you want to:

  • Go through emotions together
  • Breakdown some old tough patterns (“ I can’t, I’m not, I’m afraid, I don’t know...)
  • Replace it with.. I did it! I feel it, I am, trust .. faith.
  • Reconnect to the magic in and around you

Is this Retreat for you?

  • It’s a “self- inside” retreat. About Self Love and Self Healing. Welcome to your heart!
  • You want to look deeper within.
  • You seek emotional release and self confidence rebuilding
  • You want to Be You. Live from your heart.
  • You want to feel the support of unconditional Love.

There will be a daily program, but also a lot of time to  be on your own, in the process, and reflect on every-days happenings.


There is room for everyone

No matter shape age, size, or color..

We will be doing physically challenging activities, like climbing the pyramids. Walking , and maybe dancing, and Tai Chi, stretching etc. etc..

If you have problems, health or physical, please let us know in advance, so we can assist.

What others say...

“After a long search for readers and healers, I finally found Elisa. She was the only one who could immediately tell what was really going on, and what was needed (from my heart). I can recommend her to everyone! 


– Sabine

” A session with Elisa is a special experience. She tunes into your energy field and answers all your personal questions or problems. Elisa can convey this in clear and direct language. “


– Niki

“A visit to a workshop by Elisa is a voyage of discovery. To yourself, to unconditional Love, a journey to the Source “


– Herman Heijstek

“Elisa is one of the most special people I know. Her unconditional love, wisdom and joy illuminate everyone around her.”


– Gordon Volckmer

” Humorous and to the point, and a beautiful heart energy, like a warm bath.”



‘’Lifechanger. My encounters with Elisa have literally changed my life ”


– Linda

Who is Elisa?

My name is Elisa. I’m born in Denmark, but I belong to the whole world, and my home is the universe.

I believe that there is good in everyone. Just a matter of seeing the soul, behind the walls of ego and pain-bodies.

I believe that life makes us what we “think we are”, but this doesn’t mean that this is who we truly are. We are all creations of God, choosing a role in this 3D-world of wonders. And from here on, we form our life, with our amount of free will and heart’s desires.

I believe that we are able to heal ourselves from whatever physical or mental diseases we may have
(unless we choose to incarnate with an illness to find and show unconditionally love in this stage)

I believe the heart is YOUR key to YOUR own path and happiness. Following the heart guides you home, always.




Meeting at the sun pyramid excavation restaurant.. – introduction..


Climbing the pyramid

Climbing the pyramid via the excavationpath ( therefore bring good shoes) 
Water, and what you need, for physical challenges.. 
Meditation on the top. Free dinner options.. on the plateau.. 


Meeting at the Ravne tunnels

Meeting at the Ravne tunnels. For a talk, short  meditation, and possibly yoga exercises..

Evening free ( dinner free choices with the group or alone)




The moon pyramid plans.

We will do a follow up, of the day before. And climb the moonpyramid, ( 2 roads: one easy and one a bit more heavy) 
Remember shoes and supplies you need for a climb.Some like walkingsticks
Time to, look about and feel, on the top, individual and group. ( what the moment presents)


Evening dinner

Evening dinner with the group.


A day to seek inside, walk around, using the space you need individual to transform what has been, until now..




Meeting at the ravne tunnels.

Doing a Meditation ( possibly also yoga) in the Park.. We will drive together, to the dragon pyramid ..


Meeting at the sun pyramid top

Meeting at the sun pyramid top, for evening being together ( maybe fireplaces or meditation) time will show ..


Meeting in the park

Talking about what has been and what is, For some , there will. Be open space here after, For others, they go second time to the tunnels…


Last Lesson and talk


Diner and celebration

Diner.. ( how ever you guy wish this) Evening, celebration and goodbyes.



Elisa speaks English during her retreats. As a group we speak English during the retreat.

29/4 -3/5 2019 in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

13/5 – 17/5 2019 in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

18 years old. You legally have to be an adult.

Just the retreat which is hosted locally. Taking part in the daily program

  • Flights: You must book your own return trip.
  • Transport from and to airport
    (there are shuttle buses, and we can have you picked up by a private driver for a surcharge of 35 euro one way)
  • – Hotel accommodation and costs for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • – Admission tickets for the Pyramids
  • Insurance

Yes you can 🙂

You can stay updated by following Elisa on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

13 -17 may 2019 Ravne Tunnel Retreat Visoko

Visoko house

This is the house we rented in Visoko, with garden . This  basic house is close to the  Ravne tunnels and situated on the back of the pyramid of the Sun. Its about 4km to the center.

The Groundfloor, has a livingroom and a kitchen.
4 bedrooms on the upper floor:

  • one 2p bedroom
  • two 3p bedroom
  • one 4p bedroom

20 May 2019 - 25 May 2019 Dragon Pyramid Visoko

 The house is situated on the pyramid of the Dragon. There are six 2p bedrooms. You can get a ticket including housing here or make your own arrangements