Retreat Hungary

Heart chakra of Mother Earth..

Center of your heart..
retreat 18-22
Dobogoko- hungary..

This location is said to be the chart chakra of Mother Earth,
And I understand why,
The energy in this fields are so invitingly open, and untouched, the ground is even sparkling like diamonds….

This retreat, is s deep soul seaching, snd heart expanding journey.

We will focus on reconnecting to the soul, self,
And nature,

Visit the hidden pyramid, ( this pyramids are still “ unsolved, and energy still purely radiating from the ground, very intense, and beautiful journey to reach this ..

We will allso do a silent walk. To connect to all that we hear when our moth don’t speak.. 

The detailed program will follow soon..

.. to bring..
You need to pay own flight, food and blister plasters,

We will be in nature for 4 days. So make sure buoy pack good walking shoes , and some protection if you’re sensetive to the sun,

And the dobogoko is a vegan restaurant, with deliriously choice of food, “ traditionally Hungarian, as well as simple meals..

With bus is posible to reach the nearest town in 15 min..

We will..
Make sure do have some extra fruits, and crackers . Around so you don’t have to worry about anything 😇

Little information of the secret space.

What others say...

“After a long search for readers and healers, I finally found Elisa. She was the only one who could immediately tell what was really going on, and what was needed (from my heart). I can recommend her to everyone! 


– Sabine

” A session with Elisa is a special experience. She tunes into your energy field and answers all your personal questions or problems. Elisa can convey this in clear and direct language. “


– Niki

“A visit to a workshop by Elisa is a voyage of discovery. To yourself, to unconditional Love, a journey to the Source “


– Herman Heijstek

“Elisa is one of the most special people I know. Her unconditional love, wisdom and joy illuminate everyone around her.”


– Gordon Volckmer

” Humorous and to the point, and a beautiful heart energy, like a warm bath.”



‘’Lifechanger. My encounters with Elisa have literally changed my life ”


– Linda

Who is Elisa?

My name is Elisa. I’m born in Denmark, but I belong to the whole world, and my home is the universe.

I believe that there is good in everyone. Just a matter of seeing the soul, behind the walls of ego and pain-bodies.

I believe that life makes us what we “think we are”, but this doesn’t mean that this is who we truly are. We are all creations of God, choosing a role in this 3D-world of wonders. And from here on, we form our life, with our amount of free will and heart’s desires.

I believe that we are able to heal ourselves from whatever physical or mental diseases we may have
(unless we choose to incarnate with an illness to find and show unconditionally love in this stage)

I believe the heart is YOUR key to YOUR own path and happiness. Following the heart guides you home, always.



Program start


Breathing and First Hike

Lunch ( on the journey)


15.00 back .. relaxing and privat time


18 yoga 🧘‍♀️ meditation..


Day 2..


Yoga meditation.

-9 breakfast.


10.15 second journey starts.



Back and free time.
Evning lunch. And free time for talking and connecting..

Day of silence .

breakfast and breathing status..

We leave 10.
All hiking is in silence. ..
Return ca 16.
Silence continues
Until evenings dinner.

Day 3.

Day 4


8.30 Morning movments and flow.


.. talk breathing feeling. And decision of last inner work day..

On each hike. We have “ meditative walk and present, and some exercises.
I’m there to guide you the whole trip. And available for quistions or deeper need of talks or Soo


Elisa speaks English during her retreats. As a group we speak English during the retreat.

29/4 -3/5 2019 in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina 

13/5 – 17/5 2019 in Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

18 years old. You legally have to be an adult.

Just the retreat which is hosted locally. Taking part in the daily program

  • Flights: You must book your own return trip.
  • Transport from and to airport
    (there are shuttle buses, and we can have you picked up by a private driver for a surcharge of 35 euro one way)
  • – Hotel accommodation and costs for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • – Admission tickets for the Pyramids
  • Insurance

Yes you can 🙂

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