Private session

personal sessions


In personal sessions Elisa can make you aware which feelings you have suppressed and how you can follow the voice of your heart. You can ask her any question. Elisa has the ability to answer this in a direct, clear and loving way.

If you wish a mobile phone session, you can write a request to:


Don’t forget to mention your full name and phone-/whatsapp number. Elisa will contact you as soon as possible.

An invoice will be send to you by email after the session. The price for a session is 60 euro for ± 30 minutes.

Note 1: For a personal session 30 minutes are reserved, but the duration of the session may vary from person to person. It may happen that Elisa feels that everything which is of essential importance for the person, has been said before the 30 minutes is reached. For some persons this can be after less than 30 minutes, for other persons this can be after more than 30 minutes. We ask for your understanding about this. Elisa does not focus on the quantity of time, but on the quality of the information.

Note 2: If there is any reason why you are not satisfied about your personal session, then please let us know. Elisa works in a pure and honest way: in case you are not satisfied, we will not charge you anything. 

Note 3: It is NOT yet possible to book sessions by pressing the button below. This will be available in the near future

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