Israel Retreat Elisa Namaste

Release and reconnect “Israel“- retreat 25 Februari – 2 March 2020

At this moment (8-2-2020) we have 19 participants who will come for sure. The maximum is 20 participants. We have still 1 place available. If you wish to join us, then you can sign in (and have to pay) untill 23 februari.

Take a step back in time, to reconnect with history and the part of ourselves that we seek to understand or release. We are collectively carying a lot of grief and fears from past generations, but here we try to explore it and face it in order to create something better. To start creation, it is time to let go off fear and grief. What if it is subconscious hard to reach, untill the very moment we can bring it to a conscious transformation. So this journey.. is for you who feel a calling for Israel and who wants to reconnect to that part within you, which needs healing. To reconnect with history 💙and feel a deeper understanding. Not only for oneself but for all of us as one.
And then.. for those who feel they are part of restoring the “pyramid grid”. We will talk with some beings aswell.

We will stay 5 nights in the centre of Jerusalem from 25 februari untill 1 march, and the last night we will stay in Tel Aviv, close to the beach.

We will start our journey on 26 februari. As the energies will guide us I do not have a fixed program yet. But the overall views:
⁃ Walk the streets of Jerusalem – visit the grave of Jesus.. “ releasing journey to there”
⁃ King Salomons temple..
⁃ And a special located “mountain “
⁃ In between every journey will be a lot of space, to work on and be with your own emotions and experiences:).
We are here as a group on our own journies so we together can make the shifts..💜

Good to know… The country is safe and open. This time of year it is good to bring long arm-shirts and closed shoes. Isreal is not a cheap country but extremely beautiful. We will of course make everything as economic as possible 💜…

Price for the retreat it self is 375 euro
Flight,- Accommodations – Taxi- and Food are excluded.

Arrival: 25 February: Amsterdam – Tel Aviv. (Transavia Schiphol)
Departure: 2 March: Tel Aviv – Amsterdam The retour flight from Amsterdam costs 200 euro

We have booked 2 hotels in Jerusalem close to each other.
Jeruzalem Prima Park Hotel
Jeruzalem Spa and Garden Hotel.
In Tel Aviv we will all sleep in the Gordon Inn.
The price for accommodation + transport + entrancetickets will be around 475 if you stay in Prima Park Hotel and 425 if you stay in Spa and Gardens hotel.

For more information, sign in, or further questions, please contact us via:

I’m looking forward to be with you all..

“Testimony from attendees from our egypt trip”:

It is fantastic how Elisa manages to make a special place even more special. How she reflects the place with everything there is in me. Nice or not nice, joy and sorrow, everything is there and may be there in a bed of love. This journey has made me know more from feeling to feeling and knowing again. Tastes like more. Love Karin


A retreat with Elisa feels like coming closer to yourself.
Coming closer to your own heart, soul and spirit. With love and care she’s holding a mirror. It’s up to you to take a look in that mirror. It’s like pieces of a puzzle; Elisa hands you the pieces to complete the puzzle. My result: I found more love, gratitude and oneness within myself. Sylvia


Beyond expectation Elisa succeeds in holding space for me. To go to my next level in fulfilling my purest and highest potential. Afterwards I can truly say that even if it is not always what I want, it is definitely always what I need. She creates perspective beyond my imagination, is very direct, always in a loving way.
Being with different like minded heart centered participants is the cherry. Learning from each other, being there for each other, being confronted with own judgements, and letting these go… I loved it. I would recommend these journeys for everyone ready to look deeply in own mirror, taking full responsibility and aiming for next level in soul discovery. Sanae.. 💙