Egypt retreat

Retreat with Elisa Namaste at the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt, October 13-19

Update: at this moment (24-7-2019) we have 10 participants. We have still 2 places available. If more people are interested, then we have the possibility to rent an extra appartment, but we have to know this before the 10th of august

This retreat is designed for anyone who feels attracted to ancient writings and memories from the time of Egypt – Atlantis – Pyramids. This journey is about your inner journey, recalling memories, energy transformation, karma processing, etc. During these days Elisa will give you small individual assignments to reconnect with these places, and to go through everything and to release whatever is stuck in you. Back to the experience of (deep) love.

Program: (subject to change, because Elisa always feels in the “here and now” what is important)

Day 1, 13 October: Arrival

Day 2, 14 October: Breakfast on the terrace. Welcome. Here and now status. Exchanges and conversations about possible memories. Visit to the “female” Pyramids. “Third eye”- integration/meditation. See what is coming up, individually and collectively.

– Day 3, 15 October: Visit to the King’s chamber. We will walk in and around it, and letting flow everything that flows around and within us. Evening free. Possible activities near the hotel.

– Day 4, 16 October: Talking about what we have seen and felt. You will be helped to understand dreams or memories and how to use your knowledge in this life. Free in the afternoon. Evening: possibility for horseback riding in the desert, meditation, looking at evening sun going down over the Pyramids.

– Day 5/6, 17/18 October: Free walk and stay in the Pyramids, depending on where you/we are guided to. Evening: Talking about it all. Integrating, helping, healing and/or dancing: togetherness.

– Day 7, 19 October: Departure

My programs ALWAYS changes.. depending on the energies and flow. So just know: Openness and flow are the key words. All can happen… nothing can happen…

Practical information:

Price for the retreat: 450 euro. We have booked a hotel next to the entrance (150 meters) of the pyramids. We rented 2 appartments (same owner). Each appartment has 3 rooms (room for 6 persons total), with shower, kitchen, balcony, and WiFi. The price for the accomodation = 52 euro pr person for 6 nights (sunday 13 untill saturday 19). Total price for retreat and accomodation: 502 euro.

Airport shuffle is extra costs. Here is the link to the hotel:

Not included:

-Flights: you have to book your own flight from Amsterdam to Cairo (Egypt-air: 480 euro), or from Budapest to Cairo (Egypt-air: 320 euro).
reakfast, lunch or dinner
Visa fee (± 25 euro). 
-Travel insurance
Vaccines (for those who need this)
-Entrance tickets for the pyramids (price list will be linked soon…)
-Shuttle bus from airport

Remember to get visa in time. It’s easy to get, but you need it!!

You can book the retreat directly by signing in at “”, or “”

Links to YouTube video’s (first personal trip of Elisa to Giza in 2016): (= interview about pyramids)


You must take out cancellation- and travel insurance yourself. Cancellation-insurance
is non-committal. Travel insurance is mandatory.


No vaccination is required for Egypt. If you want to protect yourself as a
precaution, please contact the Municipal Health Service (GGD).

Passport and visa

For Egypt you need to have a valid passport. This must be valid 6 months after the
date of return. At the airport in Egypt you buy a visa for your stay (± 25 euros).


You must ensure that your passport is valid for 6 months after your return. This is
a requirement for Egypt. You will buy a visa for € 25 on arrival in Egypt. If
you cannot make the trip or cannot make it because of a lack of a document, all
consequences arising from this will be at your own expense.

Elisa Namasté is not responsible in any way if you have to stop the retreat or trip
prematurely because of your physical or mental condition.

Elisa Namasté shall be entitled to deviate from the itinerary indicated if she
considers this to be in the interest of the group. She is also entitled to
exclude a participant from further participation if physical or mental
abnormalities or an insufficient condition/equipment of a participant seriously
impede the progress of the trip. All consequences and costs resulting from this
are then for the person concerned, who is therefore not entitled to restitution
of all or part of the retreat. Even if you voluntarily decide to leave a trip,
you cannot claim a refund or reimbursement of extra costs incurred in
connection with leaving the trip.

Elisa Namasté cannot accept any liability for consequences resulting from
cancellations, flight changes and/or delays around any mode of transport.

No liability is accepted for damage for which there is a claim to travel
insurance, which is deemed to have been taken out by the traveller.

Elisa Namasté shall never be liable for damage during carriage, nor shall it be
liable for damage, if that is the result of shortcomings on the part of the
traveller himself.

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