Bosnia Pyramid Retreat 9 -14 May 2020

The “BREAKTHROUGH journey of your heart” . This retreat is for you, who is ready to walk the miles and break through the boarders.
As some of you might know, Bosnia is a place that stands near to my heart. There is so much undiscovered, love and Divine power.

This journey is for you, who is ready to cross some personal boundaries, and to reconnect, not only with the pyramids and yourself, but also with nature, the deep old nature and inner earth beings.

Crossing boundaries. How? We will walk a lot, and we will look deep into situations where we normally have the border of comfort zones. Together we will step out and realize it by going through them.

This retreat is all about the heart and about your next step in this life.

The Pyramids of Visoko are getting more and more popular. Lots of tourists are joining this area nowadays. I wish that we together can visit this secret and holy ground with respect and with our own love in our hearts.

– 9 May
Arrival (picking up can be arranged)

-10 May
We start at the platform on the Pyramid of the Sun. There will be a vegan cafe where we will start, the program will unfold as we start walking.

-11 May
We will visit the Moon Pyramid and in the evening we will release the inner power at a spiral.

-12 May
Day of silences and inner journey, free space for all

-13 May
Dragon Pyramid tour and deep connections. We will visit the tunnels and caves together afterwards.

– 14 May
We will combine all elements and this also will be the day of departure

Important to know:
The program can change, we will always follow and respect the flow of energy, and divine guidance.
Next to our program, there will be plenty of time to visit the tunnels on your own.

€425-. for the retreat (excl. flights, food and accommodation)

We rented a house on the Dragon Pyramid, called the “Dragon House”. Here we have places for 10 persons.
The price is €12 per night per person (in a double room). So the total price for accommodation will be 60 euro

Next to this you can easily book your own Airbnb or Hotelroom in Visoko.
A very good one, but more expensive than most other rooms, is the “Pyramid Lodge”, very close to the Pyramid of the Sun, with good food and beautiful views.

There are many restaurants in Visoko. Food is not expensive

Visoko is about 30 minutes by car from Sarajevo airport.
Return-flight from Amsterdam to Sarajevo cost about 200-250 euro.
You can find these flights on Skyscanner.

When we have collected and received all flight numbers of the group we will arrange the airport pick up from the locals, The prices will be 20-30 euro per transport (we have local friends who will be our trustworthy taxi drivers)

For sign-in or any further questions please contact us on: