About Elisa

My name is Elisa. I’m born in Denmark, but I belong to the whole world, and my home is the universe.

I believe that there is good in everyone. Just a matter of seeing the soul, behind the walls of ego and pain-bodies.  

I believe that life makes us what we “think we are”, but this doesn’t mean that this is who we truly are. We are all creations of God, choosing a role in this 3D-world of wonders. And from here on, we form our life, with our amount of free will and heart’s desires.

I believe that we are able to heal ourselves from whatever physical or mental diseases we may have (unless we choose to incarnate with an illness to find and show unconditionally love in this stage)

I believe the heart is YOUR key to YOUR own path and happiness. Following the heart guides you home, always.

My life: first 22 years wasn’t a dance on roses, I usually say. I have been through hell on earth, breaking down into particles (read the full story on my e-blog). I had to build up myself from the bottom ground, becoming free of the past “traumas – and believes”, so that I can be free, letting my heart and spirit guide me through life, and so that I can be that example standing next to YOU, showing you that it is possible. Everything is POSSIBLE. If I can do it, you have the ability to do it as well.


I’m a highly sensitive person, with massive amounts of energy. I am using and transforming energy in so many ways. I LOVE life, and I LOVE we are able to have this human experience in these bodies, being able to feel, to sense and to be.


I did not always feel like that. I used to wanting to leave as soon as possible these places, full with fear, and non-existing self-esteem. But now, I have been working through this, looking inside of myself, allowing myself to be 100 % me, and loving me for being exactly that.

My passion is to help humanity, to see that they have a choice to become free within themselves. To help all this little light-beings: yes YOU! To realize, they are not ill or mental sick. Only are you different, and not fitting in the system as it is today.

I was diagnosed myself with 7 diagnoses  And I know it is possible to come out of the system (healthy without medication), and create a life worth living.

I am an old soul, incarnated more times in the cosmos than on planet earth, and I perceive the world different than most humans do. I am full of life and love for our earth and everything moving on it. I am an energy that is able to feel and sense everything within you, and around us, as if… it is a part of myself.

I’m not perfect or finished with learning through life. But I am the greatest version of what I can be in this now, and within that lies the perfection of existence.