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December 8, Roskilde, Danmark. Info:

December 11, Aarhus, Danmark. Info:

December 17, Vejle, Danmark: private sessions. Look at: private session (below)

Januari 25, Groningen, The Netherlands: workshop. More information soon.

Februari 8, Velp, The Netherlands: workshop. More information soon.

Februari 25 – March 2, Retreat to Israël. Info:

May. Bosnia retreat. More information soon.

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Personal Sessions

It is possible to book telephonic sessions with Elisa on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The price is 60 euro for ± 30 minutes. If you want a personal session, then write a request to

Please do send your full name and telephone-/ whatsappnumber.  Elisa will contact you when the session is possible. An invoice will be sent to you after the session. More information: see “Click here”

(In the near future it will be possible to book sessions directly at this website)